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threedayweekend2I share a characteristic with a silk tulip, a milkbone, and the Mona Lisa painting….we all have the exact same attention span.

I’m shamed when one of my kids grabs my face and looks deep into my eyes and says “stay with me ma” or “I need you to concentrate here”……

Just this past Thursday one of them did just that.

“Ma, I need you to remember to pay my Pay to Play fee at school. If it’s not paid by tomorrow at 3 I can’t play the game”.

About a minute later, while I was playing working on my computer he yelled up the stairs “Mooooooooom what do you have to do for me today?”

“Okay dumbass sweetheart…, I won’t forget” I yelled back.

When the last of the troops had shut the front door I came out of hiding downstairs to start watching tv my cleaning.

I had to laugh when I looked around the house….. PAY 2 PLAY reminder notes were EVERYWHERE!

The kid had my every move down and slathered with reminder notes. I removed all the evidence so Daddio wouldn’t have a field day rubbing it in that I am a total and complete f-up screwup when it comes to remembering things.

Two thirty rolled around and I found myself buried deep in a game of Bejeweled 2 paying bills on the computer.

My growling stomach brought my computer work to a halt and I went to grab a little snack.


HOLY SHIT SMOKES!!!!!!……It was 2:45 and I had forgotten to pay the fee…..

I don’t think it’s proper to thank God for stupid things like choosing to snack on a pickle instead of a handful of Cheetos making me see the reminder note or for keeping all the cops busy that usually patrol the sidestreet that I sped on to get to the school on time….he’s busy taking care of real problems.

“Did you remember to pay” the kid asked when he got home.

“Thank God” he replied when I said “yes”.

I think most of us at Aiming Low *wish* our children left us THAT many reminders to get our stuff done! You can see more tales of this mom of three over at Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Good stuff! I wish my kids would do that, then I wouldn’t end up pay $65 in January for a yearbook that was $45 in October when initially offered. They may or may not have told me about it then. I may or may not remember them telling me.

  2. Pamela says:

    Totally sounds like my life. Sharpies on my hand are the only way to remember anything these days. Damn mommy brain!

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  3. mommabird2345 says:

    I forget things all the time.

    Here are just some of my lows:
    1. forgetting Monday is always minimum day & the school had to call me to pick up my kid, on two different occasions.
    2. having to explain to my kid, THREE days in a row, that sometimes the tooth fairy has to get soooo many teeth in one night, that she sometimes skips houses on accident.

    I’m surprised I haven’t received “Mother of the Year” yet. :/

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    • Iara says:

      @mommabird2345, LOL@ tooth fairy, poor kid :D

    • Koby says:

      @mommabird2345, Three days in a row??? Wow, YOU poor thing. I learned to be slick too when I forgot, I’d ball up a few bucks and toss it on the floor and then put the blame on them for not finding what the tooth fairy left (shame on me, I know, but desperate times call for desperate measures).

    • Stephanie says:

      @mommabird2345, been there, done that on the tooth fairy thing!

  4. Tammy says:

    So, so funny!!!

  5. That dog’s giving you the stink eye!

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  6. lindalou says:

    Hilarious. Love your son for putting notes everywhere you would look. The picture of the dog is classic.

  7. I need to start training my girls to leave me notes. They’re only 5 & 4, but they need to learn Mama’s a slack-off.

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  8. uthostage says:

    I love this! I can only hope that my children are as clever as yours. Cuz now that I’m “over the hill” I forget shit. All. The. Time.

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  9. Miranda says:

    THAT is the most awesome thing I think I’ve ever seen. How old is your boy? I need to teach my son Josh this – he’s only 4, but the time will be here soon that I’ll need those handy lil reminders! Cuz my life is crazy (especially when I have so many blogs to read things to clean!

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    • @Miranda, My boy is almost grown…he is a high school senior. The list of important crap I’ve forgotten over the years is as long as your arm…the kid learned this kind of stuff as a survival tactic many years ago. He has to compensate for his mother who suffers greatly from ADD. ;-)

  10. Miranda says:

    Damn… my strike-trough didn’t work. See what I mean? lol Ok, time to finish the laundry. Have a good one!

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  11. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

    Please follow me, so I can remember to stop by your blog OFTEN! (EVERY DAY)

  12. kyooty says:

    That is one smart dude you have there

  13. I need these notes too. Brilliant idea!!

    I forget everything. EVERYTHING.

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  14. Caroline says:

    Hysterical. Your kid is brilliant. Really.

    I can totally relate. Found out yesterday (half way through the school year) that I am supposed to be studying spelling words online weekly with my son for the tests. No idea what they were talking about. What online study guide? TG my kid is smarter than me and coming home with 100%s anyway. He can spell Madagascar and I have done ZERO to help him achieve that. I am SO awesome.

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  15. Amy says:

    Holy Crap could my kids’ take a lesson from yours! Isn’t it great having kids that are more responsible than ourselves, sigh.

    (Note to self, get kids to read this post… for their own good!)

  16. msmoose says:

    Dear KOBY: As usual I am overwhelmed at the number of people that read your precious words!!!! I am also Koby’s mom and I love her work. I read each blog and usually laugh my head off at the life and times of my grandchildren,their mother and father..and their pets. Thanks so much for sharing your views and thoughts with all of us.. You are very appreciated…lol mom

  17. Jayme says:

    I would love it if my 8 year old would leave me notes. He always fails to remind me when he needs something and I find out the next day, after the fact and then he gets mad at me.

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  18. Jenny says:

    AT LAST!! I am not alone. My children have given up on me being responsible 100% of the time on my own and know when to take matters into their own hands. It’s just the way it is around here. Thank you soo much for making me feel like I’m not the only one!

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