Aiming Low in the City

events1Do you wake up each morning and go…meh.

Then do we have an event for you!

Now, I am sure by now, you’ve heard.  We’re coming.  Boston.  New York.  Aiming Low.  In the house.

Fabulous drinks, amazing food, super fun techie things to fondle (computers, and printers, and touchsmart, oh my!) , and prizes.  OMG the prizes.  The sheer awesomeness of the prizes?  Ridiculous.  I would tell you about them, but where’s the fun in that?!  Nowhere.  That’s where.

But, after all the planning, and organizing, and preparing, we still need one thing.  One awesome thing.


Men.  Women.  Bloggers.  Non-bloggers.

We want to meet you all!

Here’s the catch.  We’ll feed you, water you, let you ogle our goodies, but you must, MUST, RSVP.  Because space?  She is limited.

So, here are the dirty details.

October 26th, 7-11pm
Sheraton Boston
RSVP Here for Boston

New York
October 28th, 7-11pm
Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers
RSVP Here for New York

And when you see me, say hi.  I’ll be the one with the frizzy hair shoving shrimp into my purse.

If you’re planning on coming, grab a button for your blog!

Just highlight the code below, copy and paste into your sidebar


<a href=""><img src="" alt="Come Party With Us!"/></a>



<a href=""><img src="" alt="Come Party With Us!"/></a>

*These events are sponsored by HP*

About Aiming Low Does Good

Aiming Low Does Good shines a spotlight each month on causes that deserve attention and people who need help. We’ll give you some ideas of how you can help, either with your money, time or talents. We’ll also show you how to get involved in your own communities and how to spread the word.


  1. kimmad says:

    I am so bummed that I no longer live in the Boston area… cuz if I did, I’d sooooo be there.

    How about one in Orlando?????

  2. AmazingGreis says:

    Dood, how about an event in the SOUTH, maybe, say Texas, Houston to be exact. I would so be there if there was an event in Houston. LOL

    So bummed I’m going to miss such fun times in Boston and NYC, hope those of you that go have a BLAST!!!

    Twitter Name:

  3. Janie Woods says:

    I would so love to be there!! BUT, that’s The Man’s 40th that weekend…*sigh already planned the gig! Have fun!!

  4. Theresa says:

    Oooh, sounds like fun. Will have to check and see if I can make it.

    Twitter Name:

  5. Anne Y says:

    Can you come to Green Bay or somewhere close please???? Oh how I want to hang with the fabulous ladies of Aiming Low…..I am addicted!

    Twitter Name:

  6. igster101 says:

    Another downside of living in the Armpit of NE PA. Just a scoche too far away. Hope it’s an awesome event.Also, bring a cold pack for your purse. It wouldn’t do to wind up with food poisoning from bad shrimp.

  7. tara says:

    west coast perhaps too?
    sounds like good times.

    Twitter Name:

  8. punkinmama says:

    You come to Indianpolis, and I am so there!

    Twitter Name:

  9. I’m not going to make it on Wed for the party. Sigh. Heather tells me I am going to miss out on some “srsly redonkulous stuff”. BUT, I will be up on Thurs for the day…Can I come say hi??

    Twitter Name:

  10. Molly says:

    I THINK I signed up. I’m 99% sure. Is there a way to check? lol

    Twitter Name:

  11. Molly says:

    Also, am freaking out, because meeting you ladies in real life is just.. SQUEE! and how do I not make an idiot out of myself

    Twitter Name:

  12. Maya says:

    I am so there.

  13. David says:

    See you in Boston, and I’ve got my badge on the sidebar!

  14. Jessica says:

    come to CA!

  15. Colleen says:

    TORONTO! We need one in TORONTO!

  16. Meh.

    This is me. Not able to join you. So jealous – have fun!!!

    Twitter Name:

  17. Did I RSVP? I’m pretty sure I already RSVP’d. Kinda sure. Maybe…

    Wait, what day is it today?

    Twitter Name:

  18. Erin says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever read – this is hilarious! I’ll be there!

  19. Marinka says:

    I think I RSVPd and I also think that I’ve already responded to this post, but now it’s gone. I smell conspiracy and possibly anti-semitism.

    Twitter Name:

  20. Danielle-lee says:

    Do I hear ‘Fort Worth Texas’ in your future??

  21. SuperKitty says:

    How about an event in Los Angeles?

  22. Julie B. says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go. Let me check in with hubby and see if he can take off work. I’ll be back…

  23. RSVP’d. Which is a big deal. Because I never go anywhere without kids attached to me. I’ll be the one making sure I have my keys, my phone, my wallet, as I try to deal with that “there’s something missing” feeling.

    Twitter Name:

  24. Julie B. says:

    Woohoo! Hubby said he has a deadline for work on the 30th. I said PLEEEASSE. He said ok! I’m sure I will pay for it.

    RSVP’d and posted the badge on my sidebar.

  25. rick bucich says:

    Jeez, I can’t even fathom all that awesomeness in one place. But if any cities can handle it, I’m sure Boston & New York top the list. But just to be safe, SF could pull it off as well:)

    Sounds like you’re Aiming East, I promise at least a drive-by if you even Aim West.

    Twitter Name:

  26. Momisodes says:

    Just RSVP’d and added the button! Dadisodes gave a thumbs up to come home early so I can go. Is anyone taking the T or is everyone driving? I can’t wait to see you all on the 26th!

  27. Trout Towers says:

    Am absolutely terrified, but will be there nonetheless.

  28. Shannon says:

    There is no where better to go than Philly if you are aiming low.

    It doesn’t get any lower than here! Come to Philly!

  29. Would love to be there but mid-week is tough coming from Philly. Any chance of you coming this way soon? We are just a hop and skip from NYC!

  30. Is there space?

    For Picket?

  31. MB says:

    I’ve been trying to get out of a meeting that has been scheduled for Monday night so I just RSVP’d and will attend even if it is only for a few hours. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet such amazing women in person. Looking forward to seeing you Monday! I hope I don’t get star struck. ;)

  32. niri says:

    I am using our date night to head on over.

    Twitter Name:

  33. BusyDad says:

    I would kill to be there! Have fun tearing up my hometown! And I’d like to request an AimingLow party in Los Angeles. Because it’s all about me, right?

  34. Momisodes says:

    I had a blast seeing you all!!!

    Thank you so much for heading out to Boston. I wish I could follow you to NYC :)

  35. Terrill says:

    I have been examinating out many of your articles and i must say pretty clever stuff. I will surely bookmark your blog.

  36. I have an answering machine in my car. It says, “I’m home now. But leave a message and I’ll call when I’m out.”

  37. Philip Quiel says:

    It’s kind of sucks how you were featured as one of the top 25 most promising blogs in 2012 at but you’re not doing anything about it…I wish I was in your position.


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  3. [...] The Aiming Low team is taking our show on the road…which is less of a show and more of a group of really funny ladies showing up and opening the doors to party.  We have this incredible opportunity to share our trademark brand of imperfection with the world and we are ON IT! [...]

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