Really, I Could Type Here, But It Would Just Pointless

anissahead1I think it’s possible that I’m suffering from Post-Menstral Syndrome.

I have had my month’s year’s share of random outburst and semi-inappropriate public displays of temper.

Hopefully, it’ll go away soon.

But until it does? I will save you the long story and just share with these little nuggets of wisdom.************************************

This is for the bag boy at Publix who chose to disobey the cardinal rule of grocery bagging that says never…NEVER…place my milk on top of my eggs and bread.

Not if you value your life.


{3 kids + 2 schools}/1.25 hours in car line =


I hear that if you do enough of the Icky Thing you can get away with the first two on the list….however, my husband would say that ENOUGH is relevant.


But, I have total faith that things will get better…..


…or at least I’ll think its better.


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  1. Hilly says:

    Someone gave me one of those little tile plaques last month that says, “PMS doesn’t bother me. You bother me.”.

    I wish I could pin it to my shirt and wear it around all day.

  2. AJ says:

    Ahhh…I love the “Being a crabby bitch is part of my charm line.” It is, after all, my mantra.

    On another note, I just read the post about the other day at the restaurant. I think 9 times out of 10, the right thing to do (and to teach your children to do) is ignore jerks. However, this was totally that 1 out of 10 ‘other’ time. The time when it’s totally appropriate to teach your children it’s okay to stand up for yourself and for others who aren’t able to stand up for themselves. It’s okay to stand up to bullies sometimes. Yep, that was totally one of those times. Be proud of yourself.

  3. Karen says:

    I have endometriosis…which gives me 11 day periods plus a week or HORRIBLE pms. My husband made the mistake of commenting that I have to have the outpatient surgery to spare him the 3 weeks of period madness. Spare him? Spare him? Arghhhhhhh!

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  4. MayoPie says:

    I have NMS(Non-Menstrual Syndrome.) Every month on the week right before I don’t get my period, it’s best to just avoid me altogether. It’s like, all I want to do is eat ice cream, watch The Notebook and just snuggle with my cat, Ian Randolph Kennedy (no relation, or so they claim.)

  5. Elisa says:

    Oh man, I hear you. I’m bitching when I’m PMSing, when I’m MSing, and when I’m post-MSing. My personal mantra? “Don’t piss me off – I have my period and my gun is loaded”. I’m thinking of having it printed on a t-shirt.

  6. Lauren says:

    HAHA I love it! I think I’ll have to put a few of those buttons on my blog!

  7. I don’t blame PMS for my moods. It’s just my personality.


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  8. jennster says:


  9. IzzyMom says:

    I have DMS. DURING-Mentrual-Syndrome which means there is NO warning whatsoever of what is to come. It just strikes like a cobra and anyone who fucks with me suffers a slow, painful death. (Okay, that last part I made up but it would be pretty awesome, right?)

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  10. I also have DURING-Menstrual-Syndrome. As in RIGHT NOW. I’ve been so flippin’ HOT all day I could probably fry an egg in my cleavage and even though that is a REALLY cool skill to have, it’s just pissing me off like everything else!

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  11. MommyMelee says:

    I have a crush on the girl in the Shit Happens picture.

    (This comment is aiming low.)

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